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Tuesday, October 09 2012
V Suspension System Upgrade 
COBRA EXTREME PERFORMANCE Ride faster, smoother and travel safer over any terrain. The upgraded suspension monitors everything and reacts accordingly minimizing damage to vehicle and parts. The system detects weight loads, acceleration direction, height and compensates automatically to prevent bottom out or top out - long before it happens.


Features & Benefits

Traditional passive shocks are “programmed” with one set of responses you must choose between a “good ride” and “good handling”

  • With hmmwv passive shocks They only respond to the relative velocity between the chassis and the wheel. The faster they move, the stiffer they get! A passive shock has “no idea” if the chassis is moving or the wheel is moving.
  • An enormous compromise must be made

This means damping is usually too stiff for a best ride and too soft for best handling. Each shock acts independently and has “no idea” what the “other” shocks are doing. Or, if the body is rolling, pitching, diving, squatting, heaving or yawing.

                  Unlike a passive suspension…
The MR Suspension System monitors EVERYTHING and REACTS accordingly!

  • It knows: If the chassis is moving and in which direction (pitching, diving, squatting, heaving, cornering or yawing) How fast, and its acceleration rates at EACH corner and in all 3 directions its absolute position at all times To prevent bottom out or top out on each wheel – long before it happens!
  • In addition, it: Mminimizes damage to vehicle and parts Can detect extra loads by measuring average ride height and compensate automatically Prevents driver and passenger fatigue

                        Ride faster, smoother and travel safer over any terrain.

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